Patient Testimonials

" As a person that does not like going to the dentist at all, I have to say that the staff at your office always makes it as pleasurable as possible. I do recommend you guys whenever the conversation comes up." - David L

"Love my hygienist! Great cleaning and check." -Kerry K

"Thank you for the positive dental check-up I recently received at your office. I felt taken care of and I appreciated your patience and your thoroughness. I felt good being there, and everyone I came in contact with at your office was helpful, nice, and sincere." -Margaret E

"Dr. Stewart's Dental Practice, in my opinion, is top notch. Very professional but warm and friendly at the same time. Any procedure I had done, I was informed and fully aware of my treatment and upcoming treatment plan. The hygiene department is unparalleled and I felt comfortable at my visits. Having had a lot of dental work since childhood, I found their office to be the most knowledgeable and comforting." - Melissa D., Verona Beach, NY

"I was happy with my visit and will have my husband going too!" - Jane M

"Thank you Dr. Stewart…and thank you Carley…for great dental care! And…I appreciate the new email reminders for appointments and follow-ups."- Penny A

"Been to many dentists prior to coming to Dr. Stewart's in my lifetime, but none can compare. From the front desk ladies, to billing, to my hygienist Jeanette, and of course Dr Stewart. They are all wonderful, efficient, caring, and compassionate. Will go nowhere else!" -Stacey M., Verona, NY

"Thanks for my birthday greeting. If it weren't for your care and miraculous restorations, I probably would have starved by now." -Ron S

" Dr. Stewart has been my dentist since 1987. Through the years there have been some staff changes but every staff member, new and old, always has had a very professional attitude. Unfortunately, over the years I have suffered with periodontal problems. Dr. Stewart has always kept it at bay. On October 31st, 2011, I was scheduled for a total hip replacement. I notified Dr. Stewart of my pending operation. His Staff made an appointment for my medical clearance. It was determined that I had a MAJOR gum infection. My operation was cancelled and Dr. Stewart reacted swiftly and cured my infection. Due to the infection in my system, I could have died from blood poisoning if the operation had taken place. I had my operation in January of 2012. Through Divine Power and Dr. Stewart, I am alive and well today. I know this sounds like drama, but everything I've stated is totally factual. I can not find enough words to thank Dr. Stewart and his Staff. They ALWAYS live up to their slogan, "Come Smile With Us!" " -Rodney N., Sherrill, NY

"My name is William and I have been getting my teeth cleaned and repaired by Dr. Stewart for 5-6 years now! I've always been treated very well; recently called in early for a needed repair. I have told others to use his services as I am most happy with his work. I am also impressed with his knowledge of racing-Indianapolis. I do wish I started with his dental services sooner in my life...his practice here is awesome!!" - William T., Oneida, NY

"Every time I had to go to Dr. Stewart's office he has been kind and understanding and explained everything to me...then I felt more relaxed." -Jennie S., Morrisville, NY

"In the Book of Matthew, there is a verse that contains the sentence, "I was a stranger and ye took me in." We began going to Dr. Stewart on the recommendation of a friend. We knew no one on the staff. The minute we walked in the door the first time "as strangers", the "catchword" was friendliness from anyone we were in contact with. And so it continues." -Craig C. , Sherrill, NY

"I had a wonderful dental visit! Dr. Stewart and his C.D.A., Carrie, worked extremely well together. Their service was very swift and without hesitation. I found them to be spot on in performance, knowledge, and communication. Jeanette, my dental hygienist was equally as professional. I am certain you will consider youself fortunate when you are their patient. I would highly recommend this team!" -Melissa D., Verona Beach, NY

"I would like to thank you very much for taking the time with me to help me apply for Care Credit. Your staff is always pleasant! You take the time to explain different options to choose from and I appreciate that very much. Best of all, the location is great for me. Also, I think it's great to be able to get a discount when paying up front. That helps out a great deal! Thank you again." -Marie M., Oneida, NY

"As I waited to be called for my appointment, I was a little nervous when the young lady came to escort me. She made me feel welcomed. She proceeded to show me around and I began to relax. I hadn't been to a dentist in 9 years, so I kind of dreaded it. She made me feel at ease. As we were walking, she was showing me new and advanced technology. I was impressed. At the end of my appointment I felt that this was where I will keep coming again and again. Thank you for making my experience a happy one. I was impessed with Dr. Stewart, as well as the staff. Everyone was very kind and helpful towards me. Thank you all again!" -Valerie W., Oneida, NY

"The front desk girls take the anxiety away as soon as you enter the office. They are fun, but very professional. They work with you on scheduling. The dental assistants always have a warm welcome and show great concern for your well-being throughout your visit. Dr. Stewart is very good and I have never had a bad experience in the chair. He always takes his time to make you comfortable by numbing or gas, if you prefer. The results of his work is fantastic! Each hygentist has good procedures and practice to use their state of the art equipment to examine and clean your teeth for total dental health.

My overall experience at Dr Stewart's office has resulted in total excellence in every way." -John T., Verona Beach, NY

"I am so glad I had the procedure done by Dr. Stewart. Carrie was so helpful and I loved Marilyn and her pleasant personality, both in the office and on the telephone." -Jomarie A., Auburn, NY

"Having put off going to the dentist for years, I decided it was time to take care of my teeth. I had heard many good things about Dr. Stewart and his staff. I was not disappointed. Dr. Stewart and his staff have been professional, courteous, and responsive from the beginning. I am very satisfied with all the aspects of my experience with Dr. Stewart and can smile with confidence!" -Dr. Robert P., Oneida, NY

"I have been a patient of Dr. Stewart's Dental Practice for over 20 years. The entire staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional using the very best equipment and newest technology. If you are looking for a top rated service in a family friendly atmosphere, Dr. Stewart's Dental Office is the place to go for all your dental care. Let them put your smile on!" -Sandra N., Oneida, NY

"John needed two implants. After receiving a schedule and cost estimate, we contacted Dr. Stewart, our former dentist. Not only was his fee 25% less, but he completed the work painlessly in two sessions. Whenever I call the office, Marilyn answers with a kind voice and can always make room for us. We now travel 260 miles roundtrip to see Dr. Stewart and his great staff again." -John & Betsy, Albany, NY

"I have always found the entire staff at Dr. Stewart's to be excellent. From quality customer service to personalized care, everyone at the office is exceptional at their jobs. In addition, the quality of the equipment, technology, and knowledge exceeds my expectations." - Hank L., Oneida, NY

"I have been a patient of Dr. Stewart's Dental Practice for many years. I have always found the Dr. and his entire staff to be dedicated to excellence in patient services. Whether it's a dental check-up or more in-depth treatment including: fillings, root canals, or crowns, the work is performed accurately and professionally... always. I leave the office very satisfied. Dr. Stewart's slogan, "Come Smile With Us!" is standard practice for his entire staff and transfers to his patients with every visit. I highly recommend Dr. Stewart and his staff of professionals for all dental care needs." - Richard T., Sherrill, NY

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